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Don’t Be Defiled by the Delicacies

by on January 10, 2012

During my devotions this morning, focused on the 21 Day Fast, I found myself in the first chapter of Daniel.  You know the story – Daniel was among a select few of the captives lead away by Nebuchadnezzar, during the reign of Jehoiakim,  to live on the palace campus and to be indoctrinated in the “language and literature of the Chaldeans”.    It is from this passage that we read that Daniel drew the challenge regarding the health benefits of not eating the diet of the Kings table and where we find the foundation of the Daniel Fast itself.

I was struck by something in the passage this morning however that “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the kings delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank”.  It struck me that food was not the only thing that Daniel would not defile himself with.  Taking a closer look at the story, Nebuchadnezzar’s purpose in bringing these young, brightest and best of Judah into the palace was to teach them the history, culture, sociology and politics of Babylon so that, after three years of intense indoctrination they would become servants of Nebuchadnezzar even after their deliverance from captivity.  Daniel saw a much bigger picture than just that of refraining from meats, breads and pastries, and wine[1].  The refrain was from becoming like the captor.   Later in the book of Daniel we see that Babylon’s food was not the only thing Daniel and his three friends refrained from.  Surely two of the best known stories from Sunday school are from the lives of these four men,  Daniel and the Lion’s Den and the Three Men in the Fire.  It can safely be said that what they purposed in the early days of their captivity they possessed in the latter.  They would not be defiled.

In these early days of our fast, purpose in your heart not to compromise what you have determined in your heart to do for the Lord in this fast.  Will opportunity come to deviate from your fast?  Sure, and I’ll go a step further – the deviation will even seem rational at the moment.   Daniel could have rationalized that he would eat what the king served – keep up his strength then fight his way out of Babylon but he knew what we know, deep in our heart, it’s not our strength that will bring victory but the strength of the Lord in us.  A big part of fasting is trusting; trusting that “in our weakness He is made strong”, trusting that through Christ, not my own strength, I can do all things.   The days of fasting will not be without challenge but through Christ – you will always find help in the time of need. 

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Daniel 1

Pushing away and pressing in!

Pastor Terry

[1] The emphasis not on wine as alcohol but rather on being the the common drinks of the day – consider it a coke or glass of iced tea by today’s standard.

  1. I would apprectiate if strategic prayer initiatives would be defined, posted pertaining to the fast so we can really focus and do as James 5 says..”The fervent (passionate, heated) prayer of a righteous person (one who is in covenant, rightly aligned with God) does exactly what it is purposed to do…it hits the mark!!! I pray for keys…keys to tear down, keys to build, in Jesus name. Jeremiah 1 for CF Lord, the tearing down and rooting what is not of you so the ministry and it’s people can be built on the foundation of Eph. 2:20.

    I pray for Christ Fellowship..for an awakening, a NEW anointing that would come and fill the temple, and our earthly temples; a divine order….that the entire ministry, it’s people, will be ushered in to a new place in you Lord. Old things would truly pass away…all things would become new. I pray that CF will be rightly aligned with your purposes in this hour, Lord.

    The Lord spoke to me months ago and said “the finances will go to the ministries that do my will”…it’s a promise of His word..Matt 6:33!!!! SEEK YOU FIRST THE KINGDOM!!! We don’t have to be concerned about money (I do know there are times we have to war about most everything) it’s His promise to provide when we are agreement with Him.

    I pray we war against the spirits of witchcraft, divination, religion/cultic spirits and anything else that block, hinder or delay Christ’s church from coming forth…not a form of religion, but the Kingdom coming forth in great power thru the saints, in Jesus mighty name.

    Pat B.

  2. I appreciate your words Pat. In this first week of fasting our initiative is to allow the Holy Spirit to align our own hearts with His purpose through this season of fasting. It’s a time for some to allow Him to remove the plank of wood from their eye. It’s a time, as you said to “seek first the Kingdom of God” the righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit before they seek it’s release through their lives.

    Our initiative in this first week is that of personal consecration – in allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal and remove ungodliness in our personal lives in order that we can effectively do warfare against principalities and powers. The vessels through which the Lord desires to manifest His Kingdom of power and might may be ordinary but they must be clean.

    Pastor Terry

  3. wonderful points altogether, you just gained a new reader. What would you suggest about your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?

    • Welcome Dalene, I’m glad you that you have found us and have found this blog to be inspirational to you. You had mentioned a post that had been posted a couple days ago. Which post is that exactly and what insight were you looking for. I’d be more than happy to help if you can point me into the right direction.



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