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Some Food for Thought

by on January 11, 2012

In the 119th Psalm David says “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!”[1]   The entire 119th Psalm talks about David’s view of the Word as a delight, sustenance, comfort, guide; a map, lamp, counsel, shield, covering and, as in the verse I quoted above, food.  Scripture is called The Bread of Life, and to David it was sweet!

During this fast, the enemy will do everything he can to get you and I to compromise on our fast by something we shouldn’t or more than we should.  In the first few days of any fast your body will tell you “you can’t do this” as you deny its demand for satisfaction and cry for comfort in submission to this higher calling.  Some might respond by grabbing a piece of fruit or a stalk of celery but can I suggest something to you, when that moment comes, instead of reaching for something to put in your stomach, reach for that which transcends the need for physical satisfaction and sustains the very soul and spirit – reach for the Word!  In his writing of the 119th Psalm, David was in the midst of great affliction in his personal life and his only source of relief, according to his own words, was the faithfulness of the Word of God.

Remember fasting is an act of spiritual sacrifice, of surrender and , as with any sacrifice – death.  In these next few days leading to Sunday, allow the Lord to deal with your personal life, with your walk, with your attitudes and affections.  Allow the Holy Spirit to root out the baggage, oppression, offenses, and sins that keep you from running with Christ efficiently.  We cannot expect the Holy Spirit to reveal to us matters of a corporate level until we are willing to address the areas of our own heart that are displeasing and, dare I say, even sickening to the heart of the Father;  things like pride, selfishness, conceit, religiosity and hypocrisy.  This very fast could become an abomination to the Lord if it’s done out of a heart of legalism or pride.   Allow this week to be a time of personal cleansing and consecration.  Every time I see Israel focus on consecrating themselves, I see the Lord showing up in their midst not too long after!

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Psalm 119

Pushing away and pressing in!

Pastor Terry

[1] Psalm 119:103 NKJV

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