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Comfort Food

by on January 19, 2012

If you are like me, this fast has been a real eye opener.  It’s not that I am not accustom to fasting, and I don’t mean to sound Pharisaical but I have fasted at least one day a week for a long time now.  But observing the Daniel Fast for these last two weeks has revealed something to me.  I crave comfort food!  I’ve also realized that it’s not a particular food.  In fact, depending on the circumstance the craving can range from a bowl of popcorn (butter and salt of course) to a Filet Mignon with all the trimmings.  I have to confess as well that being a preacher doesn’t help as we tend to center everything from a meeting to marriage counseling around food.

But I’ve been challenged this week to come face to face with my source of comfort.  When I’m in trouble, who do I turn to? When I need healing where do I go?  I can hear the good Christian responses now!  But what if I’m just a little off my game; a little moody, perhaps even discouraged? If I’m perfectly honest (which, I have to say, these last two weeks have driven me to that place,) the answer all to often is not the same.  Food becomes my solace more than the Father.  That’s not to say that I’m totally void of awareness of spiritual things at that point – I do pray over my snack.  But all too often we forget that the real comforter, the everlasting Prince of Peace is with us always.  After all, didn’t Jesus promise that He would not leave us comfortless?

This week we’ve ramped up our Fast Focus to draw our attention to battling against spiritual strongholds over our lives, our families and community and all the while the enemy is doing his best to cause our attentions to wonder – wonder on what we are missing at the dinner table – wonder on those things that bring us such temporary comfort.

This week I have chosen to dig deeper in my fast to only eating one meal a day and that, observing the Daniel Fast as well.  Now there are frequent occasions when, because of my work day or some project I’m engrossed in, I will find myself going the whole day without eating or drinking anything and think nothing of it, but make a mental choice to fast and all I think about is that evening meal.   My flesh is in total revolt – and that’s a good thing.  I need to bring my body into submission.  I need to take thoughts about those comfort foods captive.  You see, if I can strengthen my control over what and when I eat, if I can stand against the temptation for a McDonald’s Iced Tea or Diet Coke then that builds my confidence that I can withstand other temptations of the mind or body.  And comfort comes, greater than any fork could deliver.  It’s a Kingdom principal of fasting after all.  Remember when Jesus was led into the wilderness; we know to be tempted – but He didn’t.  He went there to fast.  The tempter came after the fast.  But after the temptation was beaten down what happened?  The scriptures tell us that angels came and ministered to Him.

Today, let the hunger pangs remind you of a couple things.  Let them serve as a prompter to stop and pray and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and let them serve to remind you of a greater hunger – that for the abiding presence of Christ in you.  Now that’s some good comfort food!

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  2 Corinthians 1

Pushing away and Pressing in,

Pastor Terry

One Comment
  1. Mindy Bowman permalink

    Thanks Pastor Terry! You never really understand how subconscious putting a bite of food into your mouth is until you have to think about NOT doing it. This second week has been difficult for me as well as my cravings for my own brand of comfort food has kicked in.

    My personal prayer during this fast is that I become as subconscious about going to God first in all things as I am about eating that next bite of comfort food.


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