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I Want To Finish Well

by on January 20, 2012

As we wrap up the second week of this 21 day fast I find myself somewhat conflicted.  In one respect I hold a great anticipation for what is in store for us in this next week as we bring our pursuit of God’s heart to full throttle; on the other hand, I’m keenly aware of what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do, personally,  to deepen my fast in this coming week.  It reminds me, in an infinitesimal way, of Christ’s anticipation of the cross, “who for the joy (eager expectation of the outcome) that was set before Him, endured the cross…”[1]  You see, I know the outcome of this level of obedience but the physical price, the battle it will rage, has given me cause for – pause.  But honestly I knew walking into these 21 days that the Lord would lead me down this path at the fast’s conclusion.  I told a group of intercessors last night that walking into this fast I started strong but that starting strong isn’t what counts as much as finishing strong.  Those are the very words I hear the Spirit of God speaking to me as I write this, “I want you to finish strong”,  and oh, how my heart cries in echoed response, “I want to finish strong!”

It’s not important for me to reveal what the Lord is specifically leading me to do in the last seven days of the fast.  Although I will say I have told a few of those closest to me for prayer support and accountability.  But I would ask you in the closing weekend of our second week, what is it that the Lord might be asking you to lay aside as a greater sacrifice for the third week of the fast?  I think you would agree that there has been a natural progress during this year’s fast of raising the spiritual bar week by week.  In the first week our concentration was on personal consecration, in allowing the Holy Spirit rightful access to every area of our life, to the rooting out of strongholds that had possibly become commonplace in our spiritual walk.  During this week our prayer has been concentrated more on a missional prospective.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in areas of prayer over our corporate needs for breakthrough and deliverance over principalities assigned to our city.  Although I believe both of these areas of prayer should remain a focal point of our intercession in this coming week, I sense the Lord’s leading to do more than just pray.

Before Abram set out on his journey to “a land that [God said] I will show you”, before Jacob left the campsite in Bethel, before Joshua moved the Children of Israel beyond the bank of the Jordan River , before any significant “move”, they build an alter and there petitioned the Lord according to the Word He had spoken to them.   It’s time to lay stones on the alter, each one being a visual reminder of the petition we bring before our God.  What is your petition?  What is that thing that you are willing to partner with God on; that thing you have been asking Him to do for you that alone, you will never see birthed?  Jesus said “ask anything” – and the heart that is consecrated[2] to Him need not worry about the appropriateness of the thing – “and it will be given to him”.  Seek the Lord in these last three days that it is of those unrealized hopes, those dimmed visions and prolonged promises, that He would have you partner with Him on in this coming week then, start gathering the stones for that alter – the monumental reminder of the faithfulness of two partners!

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Joshua 4:1-7

Pushing away and pressing in

Pastor Terry

[1] Hebrews 12:2

[2] Set apart, transformed, renewed, held sacred


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