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Lessons in “Jalking” Part 1

by on January 21, 2012

In the last week, I’ve started back to jalking.  (According to the urban dictionary, jalking is the practice of intermittent walking and jogging.) But alas, I have found myself starting where I have always ended, stuck in getting winded far before by body tires out.  But during this fast, I’ve done something – sadly – that  I’ve really never found myself doing before.  Praying about my running problem.  It’s not that I thought it was a matter too insignificant to the Lord, but I realized I felt it too insignificant to take to Him.  What I have learned in this week is that the Holy Spirit is more than eager to deal with every area of our life, even those we feel are unimportant within the larger scheme of things.

The other night I jogged a half mile then it happened, almost instantaneously , I began to breath very rapidly and shallowly.  Now, I can’t say that I had ever really paid attention to how I was breathing before, but was more focused on getting more air into, what felt like, imploded lungs.  Then it hit me!  As I slowed to a walk I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Would you like for Me to teach you how to run?”  Let me just say, that put some air back in my lungs.  That night my “jalk” was only a mile but 7 tenths of that was at a jog.  As I walked around the block near the house, the Lord asked me, “What do you want to get out of this?”  In those next few minutes I spoke some things, goals, desires, observations about myself that – I don’t know that I’ve every spoken directly to the Lord – or to myself for that matter.  But what’s amazing was that during that short conversation I heard the Holy Spirit, every once in a while, say “tell Him this” or “mention that”.  Now I know that the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us, but we should be so ever aware of the fact that He wants to be our teacher in interceding for ourselves as well.

Now, skip forward to this morning.  I started out the door and heard a prompt, “you need to stretch”.  Sadly, I have to admit that this is something I know to do, but seldom actually do.  As I began, as usual to shrug off the notion I heard “LESSON ONE!” – I shut the door and hit the floor.  Can I just say, I hate stretching.  It hurts!  I’ve never been a limber guy and the older I get that truth becomes more and more apparent.  But I did as the Teacher said and stretched.  As I opened the door I was overwhelmed that this was not going to be an ordinary jog.

I started from the driveway and headed west as usual.  I was hyper-attentive to my posture, noticing that normally I see more of the ground directly in front of me than I was this morning.  My head was up, my chest was out – arms loosely at my side.  (I have to confess, I don’t recall whether my thumbs were up or down – at least one was not in my mouth while in the fetal position in a strangers front lawn as I passed the half mile mark!)  All of a sudden a strange thing happened.  I became aware that I was breathing throw my nose – not through my mouth as usual.  Lesson two – like I said, I became aware, really aware – distractingly aware; and then it happened.  I lost the rhythm of my breathing, became winded and had to slow down.  “You allowed distraction to derail your pace.”  Just how often is that the case in our prayer and fasting.   It doesn’t matter if it’s observing a traffic sign (I’ll deal with that another time) or getting too excited about the passing of an old milestone and wasting the energy to pat yourself on the back, distraction comes to mess up your rhythm.

For the next two or three blocks (according to our neighborhood about 2 tenths of a mile) the Holy Spirit tutored me on the cause and effect of distraction and how it so often has hindered my walk with Christ.  There are times when running that I get a “stitch” in the lower right of my rib cage (physically) but today I got a spiritual knife right to the heart as I heard Him say, “even being more concentrated on this than on Him is a major distraction for you!”.   “Now, start running!”  Then we had a strangely familiar conversation – actually it was more me listening and Him talking as He reminded me that as a pastor, I’m appointed as groomsman to the part of the Bride I’ve been called to serve.  She is not my bride.  Far too often we treat – okay, try to control – the Church like we own it!  So, I’m speaking of my call in life, fill in the blank for yourself and see if the same fleshly tendency isn’t present for you as well.

I felt no need to reply, I had no rebuttal only to push out the words “forgive me once again, Father”.   A calm passed over me as I sensed the warm embrace of the Lord come over me.  I continued my jog – yes, jog.  Before I knew it, I was rounding the corner back home.  By the time I hit the driveway, I had jogged 8 tenths of a mile without stopping.  The normal distractions had been replaced with delight, even though with it came correction.

Oh there were more lessons this morning but they are for another time.  It’s a beautiful day that the Lord has made, get out and rejoice in it.

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Hebrews 12:1-15

Pushing away and pressing in,

Pastor Terry


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  1. marie and tony cuomo permalink

    Great that you are back to exercising don,t forget to stretch hamstrings and quads. Tony and i are back to dancing alittle rumba sumba.argentine tango and some hustle great exercises. God bless you marie and tony cuomo


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