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If It Makes Me Look Like A Duck

by on January 24, 2012

I was reading Daniel chapter three this morning for my devotional.  It’s the familiar story of the three young Hebrew men who refused to worship the golden image Nebuchadnezzar had erected in the valley of Dura.  As I read the story this morning I was struck with the question “how would a Christian respond to such a decree today?”  We all have an idea that believers one day will face such a choice and the reality is that on the other side of the globe that “one day” was yesterday, today and tomorrow as hundreds of born again believers lose their lives in other lands for their uncompromised faith in Christ.

I posed this question to a group of teenagers some time ago and the response was alarming yet very telling of how the church has taught on the subject of standing for faith.  One student posed the solution that they would kneel like everyone else but would not “worship” the idol but rather Jesus.  Others around the room seemed relieved with such a lifesaving solution.  But you see, there’s a profound problem with that kind of thought process.  If there is a white crystallized substance in a sugar bowl what do you assume it is?  Sugar, right?  But if you put it on your tongue and it is salty, what is it?  According to this teenager it would still be sugar because it was in a sugar bowl.  Let me put it another way.  If I described a bird of pure white, yellow webbed feet and a yellow beak, would you believe me if I said it was a crow?  See, if what I do makes me out to look like everyone else – if I go out of my way to fit in even if it means leaving my values at the door, what am I?

Jesus prayed that the world would know us, not by what we tell them, but what they see in us that is different than what they see in themselves.  See, the world can’t tell what’s in your heart until you reveal it.  The mistake in the teen’s solution is the assumption that our outward witness is of little importance in light of self-preservation.  That bears in stark contrast to Christ’s descriptive of  bearing crosses and laying down one’s life.

Today, make it a point to rend your heart before the Lord and ask Him to remove anything from your life that would prevent you from living your faith out loud.  Ask Him to stir in you a genuine enthusiasm for Christ.  It probably won’t land you in a crematorium but I guarantee you it will cause some heat to be turned up around you.  But as D.L. Moody once prayed, “Lord set us ablaze so that the lost around us will come to see us burn”.  Straighten your walk and clarify your talk (stop waddling and clucking around) being unashamed of the Gospel of Christ – for it really is the power of God unto salvation.

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Daniel 3

Pushing away and pressing in,

Pastor Terry

  1. Amen Pastor Terry …. Ya see I believe that in this day & age we have Pastors teaching & preaching a soft “gospel” and with a soft gospel comes soft Christians and with soft Christians comes weak faith and with weak faith so called Christians will not respond as the three young Hebrew men who refused to worship the golden image Nebuchadnezzar had erected.

    Great post Pastor Terry. It was my pleasure to meet you and your wife yesterday at the Pastors Recharge. And it brings joy to my heart that your ministry is utilizing social media to further the True Gospel … way to GO!

  2. Jonathan Tipton (jj) permalink

    That is a very interesting take on that story. That puts a few things into perspective. If everyone was laughing at someones pain and you or I walk over to help but was laughing along with the others would that person see Christ’s love in us? Well one would argue yes because I’m trying to help them up, but the other side would be a no cause even though we are looking different we are tasting and acting the same. I will be a person not laughing when I show love.

  3. Connie permalink

    This goes right along with our life line group … fan or follower. It is time for me to die to my flesh and live in Jesus by following him not sitting on the sideline as a fan. Not just talking Bible…. walk the Bible. Pull up the walls that hold us back from Him and cause us to choose to fit into the world. I for one want to be a better follower. No more sitting in the stands with the other fans. It’s not about me,


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