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This Kind Only Comes Out….

by on January 26, 2012

Are we surprised that God would come into the middle of our lives in ways we never expected Him to?

I was reading the account of Peter’s delivery from prison in Acts 12.  His escape was miraculous, but what was  amazing to me was the description of the people’s response when Peter came knocking at the door.  Do you know what that gathering was doing behind locked doors?   They were praying that somehow their beloved pastor would not meet the fate of another of their Apostles, James, who days before had been beheaded.  They were praying that God would somehow release Peter from the chains that bound him on both sides to two Roman guards, would lead him, somehow, through a locked cell door passed two more guards, through the cell block and out the front gate.  That’s what they were asking for and now Peter was standing outside another locked door – the door of the house they were gathered in knocking to be let in.  The bible says that when a young girl saw that Peter was at the door she was so excited she left him outside, ran to where the others were and told them that God had heard their prayer.  Instead of a boisterous “hallelujah” they said, “girl, you’re crazy” and went back to praying.   It wasn’t until they responded to Peter’s continued appeals to be let in that they opened the door.  Now comes the amazing part.  The bible says that when they saw Peter “they were astonished”.

So many amazing things are happening around the church, as almost daily I receive some report of a healing, long sought revelation, financial breakthrough or deliverance.  Recently while sharing one of these accounts the individual looked me square in the eye and said “we need to do a 21 day fast more often”.   I appreciate their enthusiasm and heart to see the supernatural in our daily lives but we need to be careful.  Is fasting important?  Absolutely!  Does it change things? Yes, but the “things” may not be what you expect.  You see, it’s not our circumstances or our conditions that change when we fast.  When our focus is more on Him than on the “things”, the Holy Spirit begins to move according to the prayers and petitions we made yesterday and yesteryear.  When we release ourselves from physical want God commands release over our lives.

You might say, “but that’s all the more reason to fast”.  True;  I trust that at the conclusion of this season of fasting you will allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to other times of fasting in your personal life but there is something we must understand about the connection of fasting and the supernatural release that occurs.  The results we see are not produced from the act of fasting itself, but from a rendered heart, spirit of anticipation and openness to the Holy Spirit as we seek the Lord more than physical satisfaction.  If you and I do not seek the Holy Spirit on how to maintain the latter, then our fasting simply turns into a wrestling match with God to see how much we can deny ourselves in order to twist His arm to do our will.

See, the change in the spirit realm Jesus referred to by His explanation that “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting” is the change it produces in us.  If we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to maintain this close connection with the Father on a daily basis, and ask Him to continually point out the clutter that continually tries to build up and take over His dwelling place in us, then we can maintain “this kind” of authority, power and expectation in between our fasts – just as Jesus did.

Don’t turn fasting into some form of witchcraft or sorcery making it a spiritual bargaining chip to get God to respond to your wants.  Keep it in its pure prospective;  denying your personal needs and desires to see His fulfilled in and through your life.

Today’s suggested scripture reading:  Joel 2:12-32

Pushing away and pressing in,

Pastor Terry

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