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by on February 6, 2012

From time to time, we’ll be having guest bloggers or in this instance a “reblog” of something we think you will find useful. Todd Bowman is the Youth Pastor for Ground Zero, Christ Fellowship’s youth group. Recently he did a series on how to study the bible. We thought you would find it very interesting and inspiring to do some of your own studying! Enjoy!

Adonai Tsidkenu

Last night, in a message series I am doing for the youth group on how to study the Bible, I talked about a method that I learned from John MacArthur, Jr.’s book entitled (oddly enough) “How to Study the Bible.”  In that book, MacArthur, talks about a method of reading the Bible that will allow us to gain a command of what the Bible says and where it says it.  I will summarize that method here and invite you to join the Ground Zero youth and I on an initial 30 day journey into the book of 1 John.  Five chapters, 105 verses, 30 days.

I don’t want anyone to neglect their daily reading plan to do this.  Add to whatever reading plan you are on.  The 5 chapters of the Book of 1 John can be read in 25 to 30 minutes.  In his book, MacArthur encourages the reader…

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