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The Oil, the Garment and the Planting REPRINT

by on February 7, 2012

I wrote this some time ago, but wanted to share it again on this platform.  I trust that it will be an encouragement to your walk with Christ today.

In the early dawn of this morning I was drawn to Isaiah 61. It is amazing how, at times, we must fight through the familiarity of the scriptures. “Oh, that You would give me eyes that might see Your Word as one who reads it for the very first time!”

In reading, the Spirit asked, “who are they that will rebuild?” (verse 4) Then He showed me a secret. It is those who respond to His beckoning, to the proclamations of liberty. It is those who surrender to the oil, the garment and the planting. These are they who have yielded to the remedy for mourning, who have tasted and wholly swallowed the elixir of joy; that is the “oil” of God’s precious Spirit. Only through Him can one experience the joy that is unspeakable, full of glory. The psalmist invites us to “taste and see that the Lord is good”. Too many times we stop at the taste, but is not the invitation simply a hors d’oeuvre to the full course – To eat and to drink in His fullness of mercy and grace?

This oil of joy is not to be worn like a perfume. Is it not the stench of mourning we try to mask? But the Spirit calls us to apply the oil, smear it as a salve upon the deep wound of despair. It is to be succumbed as a cure for the upset soul caused by relentless fret and fear. “Oh taste and see the Lord is good!” He is the sweetest honey driving away the bitterness of life’s heartache.”

Then it is they who surrender to the garment of praise. Why is it necessary to say I must surrender to the garment of praise? Did not the great psalmist David say that he would “offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving”? Truly there are times in the life of the believer when praise demands a sacrifice; seasons when we put on the garment of praise. And what of the garment? Like the oil, it is much more than an accent to the day’s wardrobe. It is the whole covering! We are given a garment to combat a spirit, praise for heaviness. And what is it that spirits do? They hover, shroud, and press down. The very offering of the garment dares to suggest we pull the curtain of the closet, shed the cloak of heaviness and wrap ourselves from head to toe with this garment He offers – The ensemble that, at times, demands a sacrifice to don…praise.

He gives the garment but we must wear it. A warm coat hanging in the closet is of no use on a blistery day if you leave home without it. The assurance of its comfort is only realized by the wearing. And what comfort it brings! Praise is that guide which in times of overwhelming distress, leads us to the Rock, which tucks us under the shadow of that Solid Rock. Praise is that which propels us above the moment of our struggle allowing us, if just for a moment, to see our trial from Heaven’s prospective. The garment of praise covers our spirit-man from the on-slot of the elements around us. So let that garment be the undergarment of the Armor of God and its regal cloak. Let it be the padding of the Helmet, the socks within the Shoes of Peace, the gloves that grasp the Shield and Sword.

Then, with ointment applied and apparel on, fully surrender as the planting of the Lord. Trusting the Master of the Vineyard to root you in the field of His placing; for those planted of the Lord will surely be established. The psalmist said these are they who are planted by the river of Living Water that shall not be moved. Find comfort in the exhortation to “stay where you are planted”. In that place you are planted the soil today may seem dry; the sun too harsh, there may seem to be no break from the howling of the wind, at least not yet!

This is the place of your planting but place your trust in the Sovereignty of the Gardner, not in the garden itself. He is not finished with the landscape of your life. It is the Designer who is master over the design; the Creator over the creation. Yield young sprig to the placing of the Sower, stand fast mighty oak with the placement of His choosing.

In those moments when the cry of the heart screams “what is the purpose”, hear the bidding of that still, small voice in comfort remind you “It is for My glory”. Dear one, my triumph is for His glory as is my test. Whether the victim or the victor, His glory will be seen in me; in this I can fully trust.
The oil, the garment, the planting, it is all “that He may be glorified”.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”. Philippians 1:6

Your’s for the King!

Pastor Terry


From → Dr. Terry Jones

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