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(in)RL: (in) Real Life an (in)courage Conference for Women

by on April 3, 2012

Ladies of W.O.R.D. we’re going to be having something a little different for our April meeting:  an (in)RL mini-conference!

What is (in)RL?  Well to use their own words: 

The rumors are true. We’re bringing an (in)courage conference to life! Well, better to think of it as an un-conference, since we’re hoping it will be all kinds of unexpected – no waiting lists, no need for plane tickets, no limited number of spots – everyone is (in) and no one’s out with (in)RL {in real life}!

It’s a local meetup on a global scale; friends will gather to watch live webcasts of (in)courage contributors and community, connect with one another, and discover new friendships they didn’t know were right around the corner!  There will be something for everyone – walking, talking, laughing, hugging blog content – served right in your own neighborhood.

The mini conference starts with a 1.5 hour broadcast on Friday, April 27 starting at 6:00 PM to be held at Christ Fellowship, 5718 Grand Boulevard in New Port Richey with a 3.5 hour meet-up on April 28 starting at 11:00 AM to be held at the home of Mindy Bowman in Crystal Beach.

To register, please contact Mindy Bowman (see save the date card below) or you can sign up online HERE.  If you want one of the really cute t-shirts to commemorate the conference, then you can sign up HERE for $10 then RSVP to Mindy.  If you want more information on (in)RL you can find it HERE.

We hope that you can join us for this really awesome and fun event!

Christ Fellowship (in)RL Save The Date


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