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10 Ways To Specifically Encourage The Awesome People In Your Life – A Reblog

by on April 9, 2012

Encouragement of each other is an important aspect of our Christian walk.  It is so important that exhortation – a speech or written passage intended to persuade, inspire, or encourage – is listed in Romans 12:8 as one of the spiritual gifts.  And of course if God gives us something to use…He intends that we use it!  While exhortation may not be at the top of your list of spiritual gifts, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you.  God gave ALL of the gifts to EACH of us in different measures and you just may need a little help exercising it!

For those of you in the “need help” category (or even if you’re not in that category), take a look at the blog from Mary DeMuth this morning.  She has a list of 10 ways to encourage people in your life.  Try one or all of them!  You’ll be amazed at what happens when you stretch yourself just a little.  But, beware of the side effects!  When you start to encourage those in your life, you just might find some of that encouragement splashing back on you!  🙂

Mary’s blog post can be found HERE.


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