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So It Begins

by on January 1, 2013

Last Sunday during my message, I reminded our congregation that, as a corporate body we would be observing a 21 day fast as the new year began.  I reminded you to seek God as to what HE would have you “put down” as your means of fasting and explained that, in the Jones home, we would be observing the Daniel Fast for the next three weeks.  Then it began!  “Does the fast start on January 1st or after corporate prayer on Saturday night?”  “Do I have to give up meat altogether?  I’m going to start working out and getting back into shape for the new year so I need my protein.”  “What do you think about me giving up cigarettes for the fast?” – – Now, that one, I have to say, I responded pretty quickly to.  “I think that it would be awesome to give up cigarettes for the fast and fasting will probably help you go a long way in quitting!  Then I suggested the Daniel Fast and praying for strength to stop smoking altogether.  I walked away from those types of conversations a little fearful that walking into a fast some might step over their own cliff. Not the financial kind. I’m talking about a cliff of legalism!

As much as many of you get a little nervous about fasting, I so want to encourage you to step into this season joyful, excited and expecting, not fearful.  “What if I can’t complete the fast?”.  “What if I slip and eat something I shouldn’t?”,  Folks, the earth is not going to open up and swallow you whole because you sneaked (snuck??) an Oreo at grandma’s today.  Now, if you don’t dunk it in some ice cold milk first, that’s a whole other story!  No, I’ve got some great news for you,  Grace applies to fasting just as much as it applies to our other struggles with weakness.  It’s like the age old question, “Which sin is the worst” kind of thing, the one Hershey’s kiss or the slice of Death by Chocolate?   I feel I shouldn’t have to answer a question like that, but for those who continue to struggle; “Neither”, and “both”!  See, like any other aspect of our walk with Christ, the how, what, when, and where of fasting is all about the why.  I fast because I need to bring my life back into submission to the Holy Spirit.  I fast because I want to empty me of me so that I can be filled with Christ’s fullness all the more.  I fast to bring my thought life back into alignment with the mind of Christ.  I fast to unclutter my spiritual life so that the power of God might flow through me more freely.

So it begins. Whether that is, for you, today or Saturday – start and kick it off joyfully.  God’s got something amazing in store for you in this season of fasting.

Postscript:   Let me encourage you to re-post these blogs, “like” them on Facebook, forward them on twitter.  Pass them along as much as you desire.  But, please take a minute to share your thoughts and experiences right here during this 21 day fast.  We would love to hear from you.

Today’s Scripture reading:  Daniel 10


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  1. lim00 permalink

    Great article, Jesus support any one at any time just remember him. So, in my views as well Christ Fellowship Florida, Christ Fellowship Orlando all are called as “Body of christ” as i read about them from christfellowship site. So, thanking you for this post. As who doesnt believe in god must believe in god after read this article.

  2. lim00 permalink

    Very nice article., its shows that Jesus attached with every body. Your article proved, why we believe in god. As Church in Tampa, called in Christ Fellowship site. So, thanks for determine this and really a very nice article. Thanking you very much for this article.

  3. Shari Jones permalink

    Thank you for this reminder that it isn’t about what we do or don’t eat; what we fast or don’t fast but rather about the reason we are denying ourselves. You are a great husband, father, grandfather and preacher!


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