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Why Aren’t You Eating?

by on January 8, 2013

Fast Reflection  Week 2

I’ve found it to be a pretty common thing for people to ask the “how” of fasting.  You know,  “what’s the ‘right way’ to fast?  Does it have to be food or can I fast exercise for the next three weeks.  Okay, no one has actually asked me about fasting exercise during our corporate fasts and before you would choose that as your fast, please do talk to me!  Too many of us have been on that fast far to long.

Last week I encouraged you to walk in a spirit of liberty during this time of fasting (yes, I understand the foundational irony of that statement) in that our fast is so much more of an attitude of our heart and not so much an attention to a menu.  Jesus Himself spoke of this when He confronted the Pharisees, who knew all too well how to fast, but had forsaken the deep reasons for fasting.   So, I ask, why aren’t you eating?  Because if you don’t others might see you as less spiritual?  Because you feel that joining the fast it’s the “right” thing to do?   Or is it because your hunger for the presence and power of God is so much stronger than your hunger for certain foods or eating at all?  If your response more resonates with the latter, you’re getting warmer.

When I fast I become increasingly aware of spiritual things, and particularly, as my stomach rumbles, I’m reminded of my own spiritual hunger – or the lack of it.  As I press through the pangs, I’m reminded of those things that God has impregnated my spirit-man with;  dreams and desires to become a more effective man of God, bolder in my faith and more eager to share my faith story with others.  And somewhere in the midst, there arises a confidence that, in beating back the urges of my flesh to satisfy my physical hunger, I can do the same with those things that appeal to my flesh and desensitize me to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Why not eat?  Because in bringing my flesh under subjection to the Spirit I am in turn liberated to satisfy my hearts hunger for an intimate encounter with Father God.


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  1. Shari Jones permalink

    What an excellent post.. is is truly about feeling the hunger pangs for more of God. My prayer is to be hungry for an intimate “knowing” of God.


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