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21 Day Fast Mid Week Meditation

by on January 9, 2013

I hadn’t really intended to post daily or even frequently throughout the week during the fast.  That was as much for myself than anything else.  Sometimes, as a pastor, I can easily fall into a trap of reading the Word for the sake of others rather than for myself.  It would be like preparing an awesome meal (Daniel approved for now, of course) and serving everyone in the room but not taking one bite for yourself.  Do that for a meal and you’d be alright, I suppose, but meal after meal, day after day; the signs of malnutrition would begin to show.  See, I have a confession to make.  I’m walking through this fast as much, if not more, for me than for my congregation, church or community.  I want God!  I want a renewed sense of His presence;  and dare i say, I’m even looking for that in tangible ways.  So I’ve been going to the Word a couple times a day, just for me.  But there’s nothing that says I can’t allow you to eat off of my plate. (I’m speaking clearly metaphorically for those who do not know me well – for those who do, you can stop gasping now)

I was led to read the whole of the 119th Psalm this morning and those of you who know your Word, I felt an urge to get up and go to the bathroom then prepare a snack (Scratching your head?  It’s the longest chapter of the Bible).

I was first struck by the fact that of the 176 verses in the chapter the “Word” (in such references as law, testimonies, word, way, precepts, statutes, commandments, judgement or justice and ordinance) is mentioned over 180 times.  In fact there are only two verses of the 176 that do not hold such references but listen to what they say…

Verse 122
“Be surety for Your servant for good; Do not let the proud oppress me.”

Verse 131
“Look upon me and be merciful to me, As Your custom is toward those who love Your name.”

Being fair to my point these two verses do not refer directly to reading, meditating, knowing or declaring the Word, but there’s no argument that a person could not trust in the provision and protection (surety in verse 122) or have a developed “love” for the Name of the Lord without some foundational  knowledge of what the Word itself says about the person and character of God.  But I was drawn to two verses in particular that compelled me to share from my plate today…

Psalm 119:133  “Direct my steps by Your Word.  And let no iniquity have dominion over me. (134) Redeem me from the oppression of man. That I might keep your precepts.  Then the thought occurred to me that if the psalmist trusted that the power of the Word could break the dominion of sin over his life, how much more can I trust the “Word who became flesh (John 1:1) to give me authority over iniquity?   That I have been fully redeemed from the oppression of man; past, present and future because of the everlasting work of Christ at Calvary!

Today, I rejoice in the completed work of Christ for my redemption and for my victory every day.  “Victory every day? what planet are you living on pastor?”  The same one you do my friend but the victory I choose to look at, you see, is not that which I, in some fleshly way might have stumbled into or by mere chance avoided some trap of the enemy.  No, I choose to cast my eyes on the victory that is mine in Christ.  And because He lives in me that victory, by venture of His triumph over death and hell, is in me!!  

When I read this passage, I imagined the psalmist sitting at a table in the corner of the Tabernacle David had build, writing the words of this psalm and when coming to the truth of these two verses, he paused and dropped his quill.  Rising from the wooden stool he approaches the Arc and with tears in his eyes he crys “Oh that I could have such dominion over the waywardness of my heart”.  In that moment the very Word steps up beside him and standing there, together, before the majesty of what was the Arc of the Covenant, the incarnate Christ reaches into the psalmist’s chest and touches his heart.  “In Me, that’s what dominion feels like”  At once the man is overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotion he has never sensed.  A confidence, not in his own strength  but in the abiding presence and power of El Shaddai rushes through his very being.  He has been touched by the Word, the Word that one day would become flesh and dwell among men.  The Word that would endure throughout time.  After, what seemed to be an eternity and yet a fleeting second in time, the man rises to his feet and returns to the dimly lit table, Picking up the quill and dipping it in the well he writes, (165) “great peace have those who love your law”.  Peace in oppression?  Sure, when the Prince of Peace touches you!

Eat on that today!


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  1. Shari Jones permalink

    Oh, that the Prince of Peace might touch us today! Draw us closer to Your table, Lord.


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