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Are You Expecting?

by on January 14, 2013

Today marks that last full week of our 21 day fast (the fast ends at sundown on Monday).  It ‘s been rather quiet as far as reports of what God has been saying to some of you during this season of fasting.  That doesn’t mean nothing at all is going on;  hardly!  But if you do say, “Pastor Terry, I’ve gone 14 days now and really haven’t had that ‘ah ha” moment with the Lord”. Don’t be concerned, you are in good company.  I was reading in Luke 4 this morning.  It’s the account of Jesus’ 40 day fast.  Have you ever stopped to think that during His season of fasting, the only thing we have recorded of Christ’s experience is temptation?    Think about that for a moment.  Jesus walks away from a baptismal service where He, and everyone else around, has an incredible encounter with God and is immediately led, by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness.  The purpose of that journey?  To be tempted.  In fact, according to the text, Jesus wasn’t tempted three times from the devil, he was tempted 40 days by him! (Luke 4:2)

What if that had been you or I?  What would our attitude on day 21 of that fast have been?  “Wow Lord, I really didn’t expect this.  I mean, I thought, you know, we’d hang out… we’d talk, you’d do some cool stuff for me…”  Okay, maybe not that relaxed but you get my point.  Perhaps in this season of fasting God is not so interested in what we get out of this time as much as He is interested in what we will allow Him to take out of us.

Let this week be a week of total cleansing.  If the the rest of chapter 4 is any indication, the results will be worth the test.

You chew on that today!

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  1. Shari Jones permalink

    Another excellent Selah moment. And not only should we allow God to remove “junk” or “baggage” from our lives but we should live our lives moving forward with a greater awareness of His desires for us; whether that be cleansing and delivering or renewal and blessing. Thank you, Lord for our growth and substance.


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