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Putting First Things First

by on January 24, 2014

Maybe you can relate to my morning.  It started at about 6am, I fixed a cup of herbal tea and sat down with my bible (the ET – that’s electronic tablet not English Translation) and the urge hit me.  You see, not only is my bible now in my hand but so is a barrage of social connection.  The ability to connect early with a dozen or so people I “need” to talk to today, the tool to check in on some folks I haven’t connected with this week… they are all vying for just a moment of my time.   It’s only a finger swipe between getting a jump start on what I know is already a busy day for me and the opportunity to sit at the feet of the Master.  A no brainer right?

“Come on Martha, I need a witness up in here”.

Jesus knew all too well the demands of public life, of running an organization, of raising children (just read the Gospels, those twelve guys acted more like adolescents than adults most of the time).  I read of some of the encounters Jesus had with His disciples and know deep in my heart that He understands when I say about my grandkids on a night at Chuck e Cheese… “they’re like herding cats!”.   Yes my friends, Jesus knows all too well our temptation to get up and just get started with our day.

In this season of fasting I want to encourage you to develop a faith discipline of putting first things first.  You wouldn’t think of heading out the door in the morning without putting on some street cloths (although a late night trip to Walmart might challenge that concept).  I’d hope that you’d do you momma proud and eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and comb your hair before you stepped out the door.  My point is there are routines that you and I follow every day before “starting” our day.  My challenge?  Make personal time with the Word one of those routines.   Taking just a moment to pause and invite the Holy Spirit to accompany you on your commute, to that morning meeting, that interview, or on the production line – inviting His presence and power to stand beside you throughout today will profoundly change your ordinary into extraordinary, your mundane into miraculous.  Simply putting first things first will make all the difference in the world.

Mark 1:35
Matthew 6:28-33

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