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A Please For Help – A Reblog

Do you know what path God has for you? Read as one of our own asks this very question.

New Equus - A New Creation


So, this blogging thing…I’m sort of standing at one of those crossroads where there is a sign on the corner with a ton of arrows pointing every which way. You know, like the middle of a bicycle wheel that has about a bazillion spokes. The good part is I can go in any direction I choose. The bad part is I can go in any direction I choose! Ha! Ha! You can see my dilemma!

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His Day Wednesday: America’s Long-Term Unemployed

We are going to be starting a new thing here at CFNPR called His Day Wednesday. We’ll find things from around the web or from our own experiences that inspire us and show us the good that is in this world because of His grace and mercy.

David Watson is one of more than 5 million long-term unemployed Americans. The former Marine and resident of Sanford, Florida, has been without a job for more than a year despite a relentless pursuit for employment. He has interviewed for more than 60 positions, but he believes a bad credit score keeps him from being hired. Today, the home Watson shares with his 14-year-old son and a second piece of property he owns are in foreclosure. Father and son are living day-to-day, selling items around the house to make ends meet. CNN photojournalist John Couwels provides a look at a day in the life of how this American family is dealing with the uncertainty and pressure of long-term unemployment.

You can read more about David and his faith HERE.

Lord, we are praying for those Americans who are in need of jobs. Please be with them during their day and provide them with the sustenance and courage to walk this path. Amen.



Called to Be a Missionary

Pastor Bob Stegmann and Nigerian Widow and her children

We were very pleased to have Pastor Bob and Avis Stegmann visiting us on Sunday. Pastor Bob’s message from Africa is one of love, hope and accomplishment. Here is a link to that message.  Pastor Bob and Avis have a heart for “creating disciples”. They teach at and support bible schools all over the globe including Swaziland, Nigeria, Galapagos Islands and Nicaragua.

If you would like to support the Stegmann’s in their mission you can contact the Christ Fellowship church office at 727-849-0200 or contact them via email at revs777 at Verizon dotcom.

He Is Never Changing

Our God is always the same!

Don’t forget to take our Tiny Experiment from Monday’s post! Have a GREAT and BLESSED weekend!

The Church is Alive

This is a theme that seems to be resonating this week for Christ Fellowship. Here are a few blog posts and other online items that show this repeating message. Go check them out!

New Equus – A New Creation:  You + Me (WE) = Church.

New Equus – A New Creation:  The church is full of crazy people. (You + Me (WE) = Church: Part 2)

Leading Smart:  Why Go To a Church Service When You Can Watch Online?

Christ Fellowship Sermon:  Pastor Terry Jones – Jesus My Healer – June 3, 2012

And, if you’re a Christ Fellowship member/attendee, you’ll DEFINITELY want to check out Monday’s post!

Christ Fellowship:  A Tiny Experiment

We pray you’re having an awesome week in the Lord!

Have any questions or comments? Please let us know below!

A Tiny Experiment

If you are a blog reader, then you know that a lot of bloggers like to run “contests” with “prizes” for their readers. They say it gets people’s attention and promotes bigger readership of their blogs. We wanted to see if that was indeed the case. Read more…

Memorization Scripture – Galatians 5:22-23

The following is compiled by Helen Westberg

Galatians 5:22-23   22)   But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23)   gentleness, self-control.  Against such there is no law.

These virtues are characterized as fruit in contrast to “works.”  Only the Holy Spirit can produce them, and not our own efforts.  Another contrast is that, whereas the works of the flesh are plural, the fruit of the Spirit is one and indivisible.  One fruit nine characteristics.  When the Spirit fully controls the life of a believer, He produces all of these graces.  The first three concern our attitude toward God, the second triad deals with social relationships, and the third group describes principles that guide a Christian’s conduct.  The Holy Spirit will bring growth in character.


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